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DBpedia Japanese needs your help!

Here's where your contributions will have the greatest impact:

  • Take a look at the statistics about mapped templates and properties to see which of them occur most often on and how many are already mapped.
  • Fix some errors in the mappings. Note that if this list is empty, some mappings may still be wrong. We report an error if a mapping references an ontology class or property that does not exist (and other simple errors), but we cannot check if the referenced ontology item is the correct one, if the mapping references a template property (or even a whole template) that does not exist on, and so on.
  • Fix some errors in the ontology (not specific for Japanese). Again, if this list is empty, a lot may still be missing, awkward or wrong in the DBpedia ontology. We report an error if an item references a class that does not exist (and other simple errors), but we cannot check if the sub-class relations make sense, if the domains and ranges of the properties are correct, and so on.
  • Make sure that all ontology classes, properties and data types have labels and comments in Japanese.

Existing mappings

This list might have been truncated. The complete list may fill multiple pages.

Mapping ja:AV女優Mapping ja:ActorActressMapping ja:Battlebox
Mapping ja:ChemboxMapping ja:Infobox AlbumMapping ja:Infobox Company
Mapping ja:Infobox DiseaseMapping ja:Infobox FilmMapping ja:Infobox Journal
Mapping ja:Infobox LanguageMapping ja:Infobox MusicianMapping ja:Infobox Prepared Food
Mapping ja:Infobox ScientistMapping ja:Infobox SettlementMapping ja:Infobox Single
Mapping ja:Infobox SoftwareMapping ja:Infobox SongMapping ja:Infobox Station
Mapping ja:Infobox UniversityMapping ja:Infobox WebsiteMapping ja:Infobox airport
Mapping ja:Infobox animanga/HeaderMapping ja:Infobox animanga/MangaMapping ja:Infobox animanga/TVAnime
Mapping ja:Infobox artworkMapping ja:Infobox baseball playerMapping ja:Infobox road
Mapping ja:Infobox お笑いコンビMapping ja:Infobox お笑い芸人Mapping ja:Infobox フィギュアスケート選手
Mapping ja:Infobox プログラミング言語Mapping ja:Infobox プロレスラーMapping ja:Infobox レースレポート
Mapping ja:Infobox 人物Mapping ja:Infobox 作家Mapping ja:Infobox 写真家
Mapping ja:Infobox 哲学者Mapping ja:Infobox 国Mapping ja:Infobox 山
Mapping ja:Infobox 島Mapping ja:Infobox 建築家Mapping ja:Infobox 有機化合物
Mapping ja:Infobox 河川Mapping ja:Infobox 漫画家Mapping ja:Infobox 空港
Mapping ja:Infobox 組織Mapping ja:Infobox 航空機
Mapping ja:Infobox 芸術家Mapping ja:Infobox 酵素Mapping ja:Infobox 鉄道路線
Mapping ja:Infobox 陸上選手Mapping ja:Succession boxMapping ja:みんなのうた
Mapping ja:コンピュータゲームMapping ja:サッカークラブMapping ja:サッカー選手
Mapping ja:スキー場Mapping ja:ダムMapping ja:テニス選手
Mapping ja:バスケットボール選手Mapping ja:バレーボール選手Mapping ja:ホール概要
Mapping ja:ポケモン情報Mapping ja:世界の市Mapping ja:世界遺産概要表
Mapping ja:中華圏の人物Mapping ja:公園Mapping ja:前後番組
Mapping ja:動物園Mapping ja:医療機関Mapping ja:博物館
Mapping ja:商業施設Mapping ja:図書館Mapping ja:基礎情報 アナウンサー
Mapping ja:基礎情報 テレビ番組Mapping ja:基礎情報 テーマパークMapping ja:基礎情報 会社
Mapping ja:基礎情報 書籍Mapping ja:基礎情報 武士Mapping ja:基礎情報 皇族・貴族
Mapping ja:基礎情報 軍人Mapping ja:基礎情報 都道府県Mapping ja:声優
Mapping ja:大学Mapping ja:天体 基本Mapping ja:女性モデル
Mapping ja:建築物Mapping ja:政党Mapping ja:政治家
Mapping ja:日本の中学校Mapping ja:日本の人物Mapping ja:日本の寺院
Mapping ja:日本の小学校Mapping ja:日本の市Mapping ja:日本の市 (廃止)
Mapping ja:日本の温泉地Mapping ja:日本の町村Mapping ja:日本の高等学校
Mapping ja:朝鮮の人物Mapping ja:架空の人物Mapping ja:柔道家
Mapping ja:生物分類表Mapping ja:神社Mapping ja:道の駅
Mapping ja:郵便局Mapping ja:鉄道車両Mapping ja:駅情報
Mapping ja:高速道路施設