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DBpedia Croatian needs your help!

Here's where your contributions will have the greatest impact:

  • Take a look at the statistics about mapped templates and properties to see which of them occur most often on and how many are already mapped.
  • Fix some errors in the mappings. Note that if this list is empty, some mappings may still be wrong. We report an error if a mapping references an ontology class or property that does not exist (and other simple errors), but we cannot check if the referenced ontology item is the correct one, if the mapping references a template property (or even a whole template) that does not exist on, and so on.
  • Fix some errors in the ontology (not specific for Croatian). Again, if this list is empty, a lot may still be missing, awkward or wrong in the DBpedia ontology. We report an error if an item references a class that does not exist (and other simple errors), but we cannot check if the sub-class relations make sense, if the domains and ranges of the properties are correct, and so on.
  • Make sure that all ontology classes, properties and data types have labels and comments in Croatian.

Existing mappings

This list might have been truncated. The complete list may fill multiple pages.

Mapping hr:GlazbenikMapping hr:Infookvir AstronautMapping hr:Infookvir Filmski festival
Mapping hr:Infookvir GlazbaloMapping hr:Infookvir albumMapping hr:Infookvir arhitekt
Mapping hr:Infookvir austrijski muzej ili galerijaMapping hr:Infookvir biografijaMapping hr:Infookvir film
Mapping hr:Infookvir filmski umjetnikMapping hr:Infookvir filozofMapping hr:Infookvir glazbeni festival
Mapping hr:Infookvir glazbeni žanrMapping hr:Infookvir glazbenikMapping hr:Infookvir grad
Mapping hr:Infookvir hrvatski muzej ili galerijaMapping hr:Infookvir jezeroMapping hr:Infookvir jezik
Mapping hr:Infookvir kipMapping hr:Infookvir knjigaMapping hr:Infookvir književnik
Mapping hr:Infookvir likovni umjetnikMapping hr:Infookvir londonski muzej ili galerijaMapping hr:Infookvir monarh
Mapping hr:Infookvir papaMapping hr:Infookvir rijekaMapping hr:Infookvir singl
Mapping hr:Infookvir skladateljMapping hr:Infookvir slikaMapping hr:Infookvir svetac
Mapping hr:Infookvir svećenikMapping hr:Infookvir televizijska epizodaMapping hr:Infookvir vojna osoba
Mapping hr:Infookvir web stranicaMapping hr:Infookvir znanstvenikMapping hr:Infookvir časopis