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This is the mapping for the Wikipedia template Infobox metrostation Parijs. Find usages of this Wikipedia template here.

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Template Mapping (help)
map to class MetroStation


Constant Mapping (help)
ontology property country
value Frankrijk
Constant Mapping (help)
ontology property location
value Île-de-France

Property Mapping (help)
template property naam
ontology property name

Property Mapping (help)
template property afbeelding
ontology property picture

Property Mapping (help)
template property arrondissement
ontology property arrondissement

Property Mapping (help)
template property gemeente
ontology property municipality

Property Mapping (help)
template property onderschrift
ontology property pictureDescription

Property Mapping (help)
template property open
ontology property openingDate

Geocoordinates Mapping (help)
longitude degrees template property lon_deg
longitude minutes template property lon_min
longitude seconds template property lon_sec
longitude direction template property lon_dir
latitude degrees template property lat_deg
latitude minutes template property lat_min
latitude seconds template property lat_sec
latitude direction template property lat_dir