package extraction

Type Members

  1. class CompletionReader extends AnyRef

    Reads a completion log file

  2. class CompletionWriter extends AnyRef

    Writes a completion log file

  3. class ExtractionJob extends Thread

    Executes a extraction

  4. class ExtractionProgress extends AnyRef

    Takes track of the extraction progress

Value Members

  1. object ConfigLoader extends AnyRef

    Loads the dump extraction configuration

  2. object CountTemplates extends AnyRef

  3. object Download extends AnyRef

    Downloads Wikipedia dumps

  4. object Extract extends AnyRef

    Dump Extraction script

  5. package dataparser

  6. package destinations

  7. package mappings

  8. package ontology

  9. package server

  10. package sources

  11. package util

  12. package wikiparser