package destinations

Type Members

  1. class CompositeDestination extends Destination

    A destination that is composed of different child destinations

  2. class Dataset extends AnyRef

    The quads generated by the DBpedia framework are organized in a number of datasets

  3. trait Destination extends AnyRef

    Represents an abstraction over a destination of RDF statements

  4. class FileDestination extends Destination

    A destination which writes all statements to files

  5. trait Formatter extends AnyRef

    Serializes statements

  6. class Graph extends AnyRef

    Holds a set of statements, organized in different datasets

  7. class Quad extends AnyRef

    Represents a statement in the N-Quads format see: http://sw

  8. class StringDestination extends Destination

    Writes all statements to a string

Value Members

  1. object DBpediaDatasets extends AnyRef

    Defines the datasets which are extracted by DBpedia

  2. object Quad extends AnyRef

  3. package formatters