Interface NamedGraph

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Graph, GraphAdd
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All Known Implementing Classes:
NamedGraphDB, NamedGraphImpl, SWPNamedGraphImpl

public interface NamedGraph
extends Graph

A collection of RDF triples which is named by an URI. For details about Named Graphs see the Named Graphs homepage.

The core interface is small (add, delete, find, contains) and is augmented by additional classes to handle more complicated matters such as reification, query handling, bulk update, event management, and transaction handling.

TODO: Implement equals()

Chris Bizer

Field Summary
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Method Summary
 Node getGraphName()
          Returns the URI of the named graph.
Methods inherited from interface com.hp.hpl.jena.graph.Graph
close, contains, contains, delete, dependsOn, find, find, getBulkUpdateHandler, getCapabilities, getEventManager, getPrefixMapping, getReifier, getTransactionHandler, isClosed, isEmpty, isIsomorphicWith, queryHandler, size
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Method Detail


Node getGraphName()
Returns the URI of the named graph. The returned Node instance is always an URI and cannot be a blank node or literal.